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Please feel free to read the below information!

Cancellation Policy:
  • 48 hours before the tour starts  your cancellation will have no charge.
  • 24 hours before the tour starts your cancellation will be charged 30% percent.
  • Later than 24 hours before the tour starts your cancellation will be charged 50% percent.
Payment Policy:
  • You will pay for the tour fee when the tour starts or the tour finishes.
  • You will pay this fee to the tour guide.
  • you will pay in cash.
    What you should know:
    • In the temples, you should wear proper clothes.  If you like to wear shorts, please make sure  they're long enough to your knees and your shoulders. Short-sleeves T-shirt is OK but not tank top.
    • You shouldn't sit or stand on any statues neither touch the carvings in the temples. 
    • You can take the pictures of children and it's better to show them after you took. They like to see theirs.
    • You should ask the permission from the old people or monks before you can take their photos. 
    • You can spend USD in this country, but remember you can't spend old or torn notes. So you don't need to convert the money if you have USD with you.
    • Please remember that 1USD = 4000 Riels (local currency) so 100 Riels can almost buy nothing.
    • Any coins are unaccepted or used in Cambodia.
    • Siem Reap is a safe town and you can hang out at night, but avoid the dark places.
    • Tourist-Service Driver wear a jacket with numbers on the back, so make sure you go with them. Please always ask the price first before you start the trip. Confirm the price whether it is per person or car or tuk tuk. Otherwise you will end up paying double or triple.
    • Drivers can't take tourists into the temple. Only licensed tour guides can do this.
    • You should leave some tips when you eat in the restaurant, use a long service trip and so on.
    • You're better not to touch the heads of other Cambodian or point to them with your pointed finger. 
    • You should carry as much as $10 USD for each meal to make sure it's more than enough.
    • You can bargain when you want to buy something in souvenir shops and markets but not supermarkets or mini-marts.
    •  Beggars: Some women carry babies around and ask for the milk product. Some tourists feel heart-broken and buy a milk product for them. After the tourist left the beggars go to the shop and exchange for the money back.
    • Cold towels: If re-usable towels, you can only use for your hands, face, neck and body but not your feet. Remember we regard the feet as bad...
    • Children  hang around at the temples. Some tourists give them some sweets, but they don't know those children have no toothbrush and toothpaste. 
    Tickets For Angkor Temples And Other Visiting Sites:
    • One day pass                  37 USD                        
    • Two or three day             62 USD                          
    • One week pass                74 USD                          
    • Boeng Mealea                  5 USD                     
    • Koh Ker                          10 USD                           
    • Kulen mountain                20 USD                      
    • Boat trip fee                     20 USD  (It would be cheaper if more people) 
    • Angkor National Museum 12 USD
    • War Museum                    4 USD
    • Landmine Museum           3 USD
    • Cambodia Cultural Village 14 USD
    Please note that you can't use Visa/credit/ Master cards to purchase the tickets or in some restaurants.

    Certificate of Excellence

    Certificate of Excellence

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